Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY Bow T-Shirt Vest

Summer is soon approaching so I thought it was time to revamp my winter wardrobe into summer. I love vests because I can pair it with anything jeans, skirts, dresses, you name it. Here is a simple T-Shirt vest that is cute and super easy to make!


* Long Sleeve T-Shirt
* Needle and Thread
* Scissors
* Strips of Fabric for Embellishing (optional)


1. Lay out your long sleeve shirt on your working space.
2. Cut the sleeves off.
3. Cut the end of the sleeve seam off.
4. Cut the sleeve in half.
5. Gather the sleeve together starting from the bottom middle part of the sleeve.
6. Pinch together in the middle.
7. Wrap the sleeve seam that you cut off in step 3 in the middle part of your bow.
8. Sew the bow onto the shoulder part of the shirt.
(These next steps are optional, if you do not wish to make a vest then skip the rest of these steps.)
9. Cut the front part of the shirt in half in the middle.
10. To add a little something extra to your vest, braid three strips of fabric. Make sure it is long enough to add to the  middle seams of the vest.
11. Sew the braided strip down the middle of your vest.
12. Ta-Da! A cute and super simple summer vest!

1 comment:

  1. too cute.
    i think you need to take a picture of the bow from above because its really cute but hard to see in this picture